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Governor Hogan weighs in on decision to build new Dulaney High School

Posted at 5:55 PM, Feb 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-12 19:04:54-05

On the heels of Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz announcing plans to build a new Dulaney High, Governor Larry Hogan stopped at the school Monday.


In what’s become a sort of political stump, Dulaney High was yet again center stage for another touring lawmaker – this time, the state’s top politician.


“We’re going to put $6.5 billion into K-12 public education this year. No governor in the history of the state has ever spent more. It’s our fourth year in a row of record funding,” Hogan said.


Governor Hogan stopped by the highly discussed high school, this just five days after County Executive Kevin Kamenetz announced the county is making room in next year’s fiscal budget for a new school.


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After years of renovation talks, the county admits Dulaney needed more seating for students in addition to an updated infrastructure.


The timing fueling a political jab from Governor Hogan.


“I don’t if this is a coincidence or not or whether he saw the light or felt the heat, but the same day we announced we were coming is the day he changed his mind on this thing so maybe we should’ve come sooner,” Governor Hogan said.


Politics aside, county school board member Kathleen Causey says it was time to see a new Dulaney.


“We know that there’s a lot needs throughout the county, but with all the student enrollment that’s increasing here in this central corridor, we really do need the additional seats and the most economical way to do that, for the long term, is to build a new facility.


A shared sentiment from the governor.


“We’re very excited about that. We think it’s right thing to do and I think the people in this community are going to be pleased with that,” Hogan said.


It’s unclear of the anticipated amount of dollars it will cost to build a new Dulaney High. As for that jab, County Executive Kamanetz’s office sent a statement saying:


Baltimore County Executive Kamenetz has been working since the day he was elected to solve school overcrowding. The decision to build a new Dulaney High School was based on a systemic analysis of school construction needs in the context of rising enrollment. As part of County Executive Kamenetz’s Schools for Our Future program, a new Dulaney High School will add 400 more seats to address school overcrowding in the County’s central corridor.


Kamenetz is vying to take Governor Hogan’s seat this November.