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Fire station distributed water to families after water main break in Baltimore County

Posted at 8:05 PM, Aug 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-08 23:29:15-04

A water main break in a Middle River neighborhood left over 100 families without water Wednesday evening.

Baltimore County Emergency Management along with the Department of Maryland Human Services was out giving fresh water to families impacted.

Down the road, four bags of water was enough for the Thuerrach family for the night.

They grabbed an extra bag for their 97-year-old neighbor who they call Ms. Virginia.

“Hi Ms. Virginia, it’s Patrick again I got some more water,” Patrick said as he greeted his neighbor. “Oh, my goodness,” a surprised Ms. Virginia said as she welcomed us into her home.

You’d never guess Ms. Virginia’s age after spending a few minutes talking with her, but over a day without water isn’t easy for anyone.

“It’s a lot of things taking care of your bathroom and stuff it’s terrible,” Virginia Naresky said.

She's thankful to have such loving neighbors.

“It means a whole lot. At least you can flush the toilet if nothing else!”

The water is distributed by Baltimore County Emergency Services and Health and Human Services.

“The old saying is you don’t miss the water until the well runs dry,” said Baltimore County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Chief Jay Ringgold. “It’s true we use water in every aspect between cooking, cleaning, bathing, everything. Until it’s out we don’t realize how important it is.”

Two gallons per person in a house is put through a special filter at the Middle River Fire Station #12.

Rob Kaltenbach was thankful that the team their filled up the water and put it in his car.

“I didn’t know what I was going to do other than go buy gallons of water at the grocery store,” Kaltenbach said.  “Had to do something to be able to brush your teeth and wash up.”

Sheri Thuerrauch picked up her water there to bring to Ms. Virginia and her family.

“I had to go to my mom and dads this morning to take a shower. My son was with me and then just little things like washing dishes and clothes. The dishwasher is full so just little things like that. But we have power so I’m not complaining too much.”

Around 24 hours after the mess started, the water returned.

Despite the inconveniences, Ms. Virginia had a busy day.

“I did all kinds of things in here things that needed to be done because my niece is coming Sunday and she’s going to take us to dinner.”

Not letting a lack of water rain on her parade.

WMAR-2 News Reporter Eddie Kadhim spoke with crews at the scene who told him that it was due to a hole in an old pipe.