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Family forced to live without youngest of five children killed by hit and run driver

Posted at 11:21 PM, Dec 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-11 05:43:30-05

A family in Gaithersburg is trying to come to terms with the loss of a son and brother.

Twenty-year-old Towson University Sophomore Mzimazisi, nicknamed Mzi, Ncube, was hit by two vehicles while crossing North Charles Street Saturday night.

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The first driver took off and the second tried to help.

His father remembers him as someone who lived to make others happy.

“He has that infectious smile, he never showed that he was angry,” his father Allan Ncube said.

The driver of the second car that hit him tried to save him—but his parents say if the first person had done the same he may be alive.

“Mzi needed help immediately, but this person who hit him left him,” his mother Ollie said. “We’re so thankful for the second person who was able to stop and call 9-1-1.”

Dad and son bonded over soccer, his favorite Premier League team was Arsenal.

“I knew that every Sunday or Saturday whenever the team was playing I would definitely get a call from him to go over the match or pre-commentary what he thinks of the lineup.”

The smile and laugh will stick with his sister Ziphe.

The youngest sibling and only brother loved to take pictures, so she bought him a drone for Christmas.

“I was really anticipating I couldn’t wait,” Ziphe said. “I actually bought it in October so it’s hard going to Christmas now where we had so many plans and surprised for each other. Now it’s just...”

Left on North Charles Street, a family seeking answers forced to wonder if he'd be with them if that person had stopped to help.

 “You wonder how long he slept there before somebody picked him up,” his dad said. It’s cold and if a human being does this it should concern you, but this guy seemed not to even be worried out it.”

Police say the truck is either a tundra or sequoia of any color that's missing the cover and glass on the driver side exterior mirror.

On Tuesday, Towson students will gather at the Speakers Circle in the middle of campus at 5 p.m. for a candlelight vigil.