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Coming together for those who don't come home and giving those who do something to come home to

Deceptive veterans charity dissolved
Posted at 7:26 PM, Nov 28, 2018

It was the first time that Gold Star Father Andre Thomas had been to the new Guinness Brewery in Halethorpe.

The Three Rangers Foundation and RBC Wealth Management surrounded Thomas and his wife, honoring their son Sgt. Cameron Thomas.

Cameron was a sniper with the third battalion 75h Ranger Regiment.

Being around the brave men and women brought back memories of Cameron.

“My son was killed in action over in Afghanistan in April of 2017,” Andre Thomas said. “There is a war still going on, the war on terror. There are still soldiers being killed and many sacrifices being made by our military men and women.”

Marcus Hull is a former ranger who now works for RBC Wealth Management.

With the Three Rangers Foundation he takes vets under his wing and shows them the ropes as they transition back into the civilian world.

“Our motto is empowering Veterans through lifelong success,” Hull said. “How we do that is through a personalized mentorship program.”

Pat Vaughan is the Management Divisional Director for RBC Wealth Management.

For the past five years, Vaughan has passionately fought for returning veterans.

“Is there any better group of people to give back to than people who are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice which is their lives to this country?” said Vaughan.

Helping veterans get jobs and homes, every time Vaughan has called on his employees they’ve answered.

“A lot of our employees want to be involved,” said Vaughan.  “They give their time, they’ll give their money. From our point of view, it supports our culture as a firm which gives back to the community.”

Coming together for those who will never come home and giving the ones who do something to come home to.