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Bridge collapses in Baltimore County after heavy rains, high waters

Posted at 4:09 PM, Jul 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 18:01:31-04

Throughout the day on Tuesday, it was slick, wet, and in some parts of the area – downright dangerous.

“We will get the water, it’ll come up over the bridge. It’ll come up about 15, 20 feet up to the barn. But it’s never washed out the bridge like it did this morning,” Kathleen Dalgleish, an Armacost resident, said.

She and her husband, Jim, live on Mt. Carmel Road.

A bridge a few yards from their property was part of their daily routine.

“We tend to head that way into Hampstead. This is a state road, a direct route in Hampstead; the tractor trailers, everyone is going to be disappointed for the next couple of weeks if this is closed,” Dalgleish said.

The wet weather washed out roads across the state, the high waters forced areas to evacuate, creating tough outs for work and fire crews dealing with the fallout – including a water rescue from a stranded school bus on Glencoe Road.

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“It doesn’t take much water – even less than that will start to make a vehicle hard to control. That’s why we say if you can’t see the roadways because of the water, turn around and go back a different direction,” Lt. Byron Welker, with the Baltimore County Fire Department, said.

Firefighters were able to safely get to the bus, helping the child and two adults on board – still, a difficult process for the team pacing through the water.

“We came in from dry land from this side with a rapid deployment craft. It’s like a floating raft, in effect. We went in and put them on that and we walked out, pulling it with us to get them to safety,” Welker said.

A soggy set of circumstances for Kathleen, who has to make due, but is thankful for the quick response.