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BGE working to restore power to thousands

Posted at 5:57 PM, Mar 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-05 17:57:59-05

Thousands of people are still without power across the state.


BGE crews are working to get power restored as quickly as they can, but their asking people for patience.


While power is back on for so many, crews are putting the focus on neighborhoods still in the dark – including Michael Stevens whose house is flanked by giant oak trees.


 “I have my trees inspected every year, but still when you have a tree that’s 150 feet tall. There’s just no way of knowing what’s going to happen,” he said.


Stevens’ backyard is where BGE is fixing a downed line, pinned by an uprooted tree.


“Just externally, we’ve brought in over 800 so – that’s just external and then everybody that we’ve had working, in terms of a company, we’re mobilized. Our storm center remains open, we’re going to remain open,” Stevens said.


BGE spokesman Justin Mulcahy says while the crews work those lines, the company is asking for patience.


“They were still in storm mode, even late into Saturday evening. So there were unsafe condition even for crews to even begin restoration in some areas, but we’ve made some good progress and 400,000 customers have already been restored. That shows you the sheer magnitude of this storm,” Mulcahy said.


Rahm Ghimire says he’s losing his patience – and his customers.


His Baltimore County store and gas station have been without power for days – and with every minute of no power, potential dollars go to the station next door.


“To run a business is quite hard and without power, we can’t imagine having nothing,” Ghimire said.


Ghimire says he and his neighbors have called BGE, but they like thousands of others, are being asked to hold out.


“Sometimes, when they are not able to pump gas or they’re not able to get service, they get frustrated or afraid, ‘Oh no, what do I do? We have to be good. This is a problem. This is a problem,” he said.


A problem, Stevens says will eventually work itself out.


“We’re all in the same boat, unfortunately. We have no power and most of us don’t have any heat and people have small generators out trying to keep their refrigerators and freezers up and just trying to do the best we can,” Stevens said.


BGE says they expect crews to be working until the midweek to restore power.