Baltimore Humane Society gives every animal the chance for a healthy life and good home

DogFest fundraiser coming up September 16
Posted at 5:36 PM, Aug 17, 2017
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Portobello and Pickles have only known each other for two months and they've already become fast friends.

"They're inseparable, they're best pals, there's no doubt about it," said Anthony Edmonds.

Edmonds adopted his cats from the Baltimore Humane Society. Portobello only has three legs and he's just the kind of cat Edmonds was looking for when adopting a pet.

"I didn't want to just adopt a regular cat. I figured I would get something maybe someone else didn't want or didn't want to give a home to," he said.

It's not unusual for the Baltimore Humane Society to see pets come through the shelter with varying medical conditions, from amputated limbs, to dental problems, to more chronic issues like heart problems.

Dr. Mary Zink is the Veterinary Medical Director at the shelter. She says she and her team will go to great lengths to treat an animal, even senior cats and dogs who may come in with a number of problems.

"Often times they’re quite spunky they have a lot of life left in them, but they sometimes have eye, cardiac or kidney issues that we may not be able to repair but we can get under control so they can hopefully get into a home where someone can do long term care," she said.

Dr. Zink says handicap animals, like three-legged Portobello, can often be the best pets to adopt.

"They’re unique and they’ve been through a trauma, and often times people want to save an animal especially one that’s had a rough beginning."

For animals who need more care beyond what is usually done during intake, such as vaccinations and spaying/neutering, the Baltimore Humane Society has set up the Yukon Emergency Medical Fund.

To help the shelter continue to care for more homeless animals, come show your support at DogFest on Saturday September 16 on the grounds of the Baltimore Humane Society off Nicodemus Road in Reisterstown.