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Baltimore FBI agents trade badges for gifts with special needs high school students

Posted at 6:17 PM, Dec 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-11 18:22:38-05

With a little bit of hard work and a budding relationship between the FBI field office in Baltimore and a high school in Brunswick, ten teens were allowed access behind the office's walls. 

"We love exploring our community. I think it's really important to see what's out there in our world and to get students with disabilities accustomed to the world outside and for people to see and get a different perspective for kids with disabilities as well," Cathleen Rumble, Learning for Life at Brunswick High School. 

Throughout the year, her students learn the 'how-to's' -- vocational training structured to help them when they get out of the classroom and into the real world. 

"We got candy canes, shirt, and a card from the FBI and that's cool. They gave out lovely things and everything is good," one student, Trent, said. 

For their work from mock businesses where the kids earn real money, they scraped up enough to bus to Windsor Mill and hang out at the bureau for the day -- even getting outfitted with their own FBI jackets and a tour of one of the area's more restricted buildings. 

"Instead of dealing with tragedies on a daily basis, we're able to meet with some of the most vulnerable children in our area of responsibility and put some smiles on their faces," Matt Vilcek, the supervisory special agent at the field office, said. 

Lasting smiles from start to finish and creating lasting memories. 

"Seeing them work hard for something and that joy and that smile on their face of pride and accomplishment -- it's very rewarding for what I do every day," Rumble said.