11-year-old girl creates "All Paws on Deck" to collection donations for the Maryland SPCA

Posted at 4:29 PM, Nov 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-18 18:43:56-05

When you ask Kylee Masarweh if she loves animals, she doesn't hesitate to answer yes.

But ask her what her favorite animal is, she has a tougher time coming up with an answer.

"Honestly, I'm stuck between a dog and a turtle because I love them both," she said.

And she does have a lot of love for both her dog Mocha and her turtle Sweetie Pie. They are the inspiration behind her logo for her new charity, All Paws on Deck.

"I saw other kids on the TV giving shoes to people who don’t have any I thought I really need to do something," she said. "And I thought I love animals so why don’t I do something with that?"

With the help of her mom, Masarweh started making fliers listing donations she was looking to collect for the Maryland SPCA. Sweetie Pie and Mocha don the flyer, dressed as pirates on a boat.

They then reached out to a few animal hospitals to place their donation boxes. Fullerton Animal Hospital in Nottingham, which is where the Masarwehs take their pets, is one of the locations.

Carney Animal Hospital and Northwind Animal Hospital, both in Parkville, are also collecting donations,

Since she started All Paws on Deck this summer, Masarweh has made two big trips to drop off donations to the Maryland SPCA. She said she'll keep going as long as she can.

"The Maryland SPCA doesn’t have a whole lot of money or items for the animals cause they’re already nice enough to take them in and rescue them 2:27 so we need to make those animals like at home as possible."

Masarweh said she plans on keeping this charity going as long as she can and is already thinking of other ways shes can make a difference.

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