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Two officers assaulted in one week

Posted at 4:52 PM, Jan 24, 2020

BALTIMORE — Witnesses in the shopping center said it happened closer to Moravia Road by the bus stop; two girls fighting drew an officer out of her can hear the commotion on the officer's radio.

It is an unintelligible recording but sounds like the officer is calling in a signal 13…and then moments later the dispatcher called out the code for officer in distress.

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As back-up arrives, other officers get on their radio and tell the dispatcher what happened.

"She got punched in the face,” the responding officer said on the radio. “she is going to get checked out by the medic."

Today, Baltimore Police says the officer was struck while breaking up the fight but that it was an accident, unintended as she broke up the scuffle, but sources tell WMAR-2 News, while it was not an ambush as has been reported, the officer was struck intentionally.

This case would make two officers assaulted in just one week.

Last weekend a sergeant was spit on, then kicked as he was attempting an arrest.

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It is a trend some residents call -- lawless.

"I don't even know what to say other than just to be totally disgusted by it," said Roslyn Edgerton.

She and others feel...something's broken and fears it may get worse.

"So angry and so disrespectful,” Edgerton said. “I just don't know what's to come. I just don't know what’s to come. I fear what's to come with our young folk."

"I fear that, because there is no fear that it is like, what else can I do,” said Cindy Weiskopf. “There is no stopping it. Like there is no red light."

Thankfully, in either of these incidents, the officers were not seriously injured.

Police were able to arrest two juveniles for the assault yesterday and arrested three people for the sergeant's attack in West Baltimore.