ShareBaby provides donated diapers, baby items to low-income families in Baltimore

Fundraiser coming up July 3
Posted at 4:55 PM, Jun 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-27 10:33:41-04

Boxes of diapers and baby items are stacked from floor to ceiling in ShareBaby's new space in Hampden.

Since 2014, the founders of the charity have gone from a basement, to a small storage unit, to space in a warehouse, and the need for their services continues to grow with them.

"We've distributed almost 200,000 diapers to date and almost 300,000 items total," said Amina Ross, executive director of ShareBaby.

ShareBaby will accept any gently used baby item, like clothes, strollers and toys, but they find the greatest need among the low-income families they serve is diapers.

"One in three families struggle with diaper needs, they don't have enough diapers for their children," said Ross. "For families living in poverty, diapers can be 10 to 12 percent of their gross income."

A pack of disposable diapers can cost, on average, $25-30 and a family can spend an average of $60-80 a month on diapers. Ross says ShareBaby is the only diaper bank in Baltimore.

A lack of diapers can cause health problems for babies, like rashes and urinary tract infections. It can also hinder a parent's ability to work.

"Diapers are a necessity for dropping your child off at daycare," said Ross. "If you don't have enough diapers, you can't drop your child at daycare and therefore can't get to work reliably." 

You can drop off diapers by the box load, even if they're only half full because your baby grew out of them. Volunteers pack up the extra diapers and divide them into piles, each going to one of 15 agencies that ShareBaby works with to help families in need.

On July 3, Chef Chad Gauss, who owns La Food Marketa, is going to host a fundraiser for ShareBaby called Tacopalooza. A ticket will get you food, drinks and live music. Ross says Gauss, who has three kids, is like many of the parents who support their mission.

"We just see families really identifying that time when you're having a child, it can be overwhelming. Overwhelming in a positive way because you're full of love and excitement, and also overwhelming in terms of stress and anxiety. They really want to connect with a family that needs help," said Ross.

To learn more about ShareBaby, click here. To buy tickets to Tacopalooza, click here.