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Santa Claus delivers girl's wish to bring kidney donor to save ill father

Miracle of kidney donor granted on New Year's Day
Posted at 8:56 PM, Jan 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-03 07:13:56-05

BALTIMORE, Md. — Among the many Christmas lists sent to the North Pole, St. Nick was able to grant one young girl's Christmas miracle after watching her viral Facebook video.

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Nine-year-old Savannah went to Facebook to ask Santa Claus to bring a kidney donor to help save her father's life.

Savannah's father suffers from a genetic disease called Polycystic disease and needed a kidney transplant to survive.

To the family's surprise, their miracle finally came true.

A 2-year long search for a kidney donor came to an end when Savannah's mother, Melissa Lewis, received a Facebook message from a man named Rob Smitty who ran a living donor page on Facebook.

"He asks me: can you guys use a kidney?" said Lewis.

Smitty told Savannah's mother that a friend of his was offered a kidney that he didn't match and asked him if he knew someone in need of a kidney with a B blood type. Smitty remembered looking on Savannah's Facebook page where she stated that her father was a B blood type and contacted her family.

After a few moments of being unsure if a miracle was really happening, Savannah's mother mustered up the courage to reach out.

"She said, 'mom you have to call' I have to admit, I was reluctant at first, if it wasn't for Savannah pushing me to call, I don't know if I would've," said Lewis.

Luckily, she did.

She was expecting to hear Smitty's friend on the phone, but instead, she heard the voice of the organ donor's mother. After a heartfelt conversation with the mother she knew that not only was the miracle really coming true, but Savannah's father would finally be back to normal again.

"Because of her son, my kids will have their active daddy back, my husband will have his strength and energy and life back to raise our kids," said Lewis. "I am forever grateful."

Savannah's father had surgery on New Year's morning. Their Christmas miracle turned into a New Year's miracle.