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Murder and robbery charges declared mistrial in death of Canton bartender

Jurors hung on 8 of 19 charges
Posted at 5:22 PM, Jun 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-21 08:53:17-04

BALTIMORE — On Day 17 of Malik Mungo's murder trial, jurors did not convict him on murder or robbery charges surrounding Sebastian Dvorak’s murder.

The judge declared a mistrial in those charges.

“My main feeling is utter disappointment,” said David Dvorak after the man charged with killing his son was not convicted of murder.

After four full days of deliberations, a jury could not come to an agreement whether or not Malik Mungo shot and killed Sebastian Dvorak two years ago. They also requested the CD of all of Mungo’s jail calls that were entered into evidence, but not played in court. Mungo's defense says it was hours of audio the jury looked through.

“My son, Sebastian Dvorak, who I’m so proud of, was walking home from his birthday and was viciously attacked by two people for a wallet with no money, a switch and a phone. He handed over the phone and was shot,” said Dvorak. He added, “he fell on the ground, the perpetrators ran away and left him to die bleeding in the streets in Baltimore.”

Mungo, now 19, is the only person charged in this case. Thursday, a jury could not make a decision on the major charges in this case, which include murder, robbery and gang related charges. The jury found Mungo guilty of eight charges, all related to drugs and guns, which Mungo's attorney said were all charges he admitted to in his testimony. He was found not guilty on three burglary charges.

The Dvorak's were upset on Thursday but said they're hopeful, now that the state plans on a re-trial.

“We’ll go at it again. We’ll be here every day until this, until the state says this is wrong. This shouldn’t have happened, and someone should be help accountable for it,” said Dvorak. “We look forward to whenever three months, six months, a year. However long it’s going to be, I’ll be in that courtroom every day again.”

No dates have been set for a re-trial or for Mungo's sentencing. There will be a discussion hearing in the middle of July.