Friends and family share stories about six people killed in bus crash

Posted at 8:07 PM, Nov 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 18:21:38-04

Co-workers, friends all shared stories about the six people who lost their lives. A regular rider of that MTA route said it wasn't your ordinary bus crowd, the people who rode that bus became family. 

Jennifer Lobbins has been riding the No.10 bus for the last two years. She said in that time you get to know the people sitting beside you, usually it was 52-year-old Terance Lee Casey

"Terance, that was my buddy like we went to breakfast everyday at McDonald's in Catonsville," she said. "He was very nice loving man."

And if Jennifer didn't have a seat next to her, Terance would sit with 51-year-old Cherry Yarborough.

"Cherry, she was a sweetheart she spoke to everyone," Lobbins said.

Both Terance and Cherry were on the No.10 bus Tuesday that collided with a school bus on Frederick Avenue.

They were among the six killed, along with the drivers of both buses. Lobbins wasn't a passenger that day but saw what happened

Jennifer Lobbins:
"I was on the bus behind it," she said. "Thank god for a friend Will had he not called me I would've been on that bus."

A memorial was set up near the crash scene. A number of people turned out to pay their respects including some of Cherry Yarborough's co-workers from the behavioral health administration at Spring Grove Hospital.

"I haven't considered her my co-worker in years we're always big brother and cherry pie," Antwon Grant said. "She was just always that person who did everything."

He said she was like clockwork and when Yarborough wasn't at work by 7 a.m. Tuesday morning he knew he wouldn't see her again.

"If she was on the bus behind she would've called us," he said. "If she was on that bus and she was injured and able to call she would've called, so it just kind of hit my spirit early on that she was definitely gone."

A lot of lives have now changed, including Lobbins who Thursday will go back to her usual routine of riding the No.10 bus, no longer with the friends she's now mourning

"It's going to be kind of heartbreaking you know not seeing them on the way back in the morning. My prayers go out to all the families and the people involved," Lobbins said.

Gerald Holloway, 51, and a 46-year-old woman that police have not yet identified were also killed in the crash.
Ten other people were injured, all but three have been released from the hospital. Those three are still being treated at Shock Trauma.

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