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Baltimoreans work together to clean up negative reputation

Posted at 9:33 PM, Aug 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-20 07:40:16-04

BALTIMORE — The people of Baltimore are fighting back against the negative reputation of the city after getting national attention from President Trump and two out-of-town groups that came to Baltimore to help clean the city up.

Throughout the day on Monday, community members worked together to pick up trash.

Vijay Chokshi and Taurus Barksdale put on the event together, hiring teens, veterans and felons to help with the cleanup.

"Proof of concept that Baltimoreans want to come out and work," said Chokshi. "What better way to get that going than cleaning up our city."

Most of those who cleaned up the city were volunteers, with about 50 coming out throughout the day.

One man, Ryan Frederick was walking by the group and decided to help.

"I love this city. It took a lot and gave a lot to me so my kids the next generation whether it's east, west, south. Anything I can do to make it a better place I’m willing to do that," said Frederick. "If you can do something to better the place that your children or your young loved ones, come on. It’s a great opportunity to help the city out."

Barksdale said this is helping break the stereotype of the city.

"There's been a perception going around that Baltimoreans don’t care about their community which is not true," Barksdale said. "We do care about our communities."

The group filled up two dumpsters, taken care of by Baltimore City Department of Public Works.

Chokshi and Barksdale hope to do a clean-up once a month.