Education advocates seek $25M in funding

Posted at 6:25 PM, Feb 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 18:25:02-05

The Baltimore Education Coalition, a group of 21 community and advocacy groups, held a rally in Annapolis Thursday afternoon calling on the governor to provide additional funding for Baltimore City Schools.

Gov. Larry Hogan fully funded all education formulas, but because of increased wealth and declining enrollment in Baltimore City, the public school system is set to lose $24 million in state education aid.

Opponents said Baltimore schools already lost $23 million last year that resulted in layoffs, and they're asking the Governor to submit a $25 million supplemental budget to cover the anticipated loss.

"Even after the unrest in April, and the clear need for the children in Baltimore City, we still find ourselves begging this governor to put the money back for our children. We cannot be a successful city if our children are uneducated that is the ticket out, that is the ticket out of poverty, it is the ticket out of crime for our children," said Delegate Cheryl Glenn, D-Baltimore.

Hogan allocated supplemental aid to Carroll, Garrett and Kent counties but not to Baltimore City.

However, Baltimore is set to receive $12,022, which is about the same amount per pupil for fiscal year 2016, which is still the highest in Maryland.

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