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Baltimore City surveying damage caused by major gas explosion in Northwest Baltimore

Posted at 4:35 PM, Aug 10, 2020

BALTIMORE — A woman is dead and seven others are in critical condition after a gas explosion caused three homes to collapse Monday morning. The blast damaged a number of adjacent homes, blown out windows, even clothes hanging from trees.

The Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development said they are executing a three mile radius area inspection for debris and any other damage. They are doing an assessment for structural integrity as well as property maintenance issues that could pose any further threat to life, health and safety of residents in the immediate area.

The Maryland Insurance Administration also said homeowners with damage will have coverage under a typical policy including loss of use of their property. Once it’s safe to get inside your property, you want to photograph the damages, keep records of expenses.

If the home is livable, but the gas is not back on or you’re not allowed inside, homeowners will have to check with their insurers to see if they have loss of use coverage.

The American Red Cross is also providing assistance to families who need it, including shelter.

Tenants in rental properties would have needed renters insurance to have their personal property covered even if the landlord had coverage on the building.

Another warning from the Maryland Insurance Administration.

A storm is expected in the city tonight, so if you have broken windows, if you’re able — secure your homes so you don't sustain additional damage from the wind or rain.