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90-year-old grandfather stays active by volunteering at Arundel Elementary in Baltimore

Posted at 5:48 PM, Nov 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-14 17:48:41-05

"Good morning Pop Pop!" the kids yell in unison.

Its lunch time at Arundel Elementary and Middle School and there to greet the hungry and hyper pre-K, kindergarten and first grade students is 90-year-old Calvin Johnson, aka Pop Pop.

"The little guys are great," he said with a big smile. "They keep you active."

Twice a week, Johnson volunteers during lunch time at Arundel. He gets them in line for food, helps them open milk cartons and picks up after them. And when the music gets turned up, Johnson will stop what he's doing to bust out a few moves.

"Its a good feeling to be able to mingle with the young people and be active with them," he said.

Johnson volunteers at his granddaughter's school, but you won't find her sitting at the lunch table with the other kids. Rochelle Machado is the principal at Arundel and is one of Johnson's 46 grandchildren.

"Its been a great thing. The kids love him, the staff loves him and its a great experience to have my grandfather with me," said Machado.

Johnson rarely takes a day off, but when he does, the kids become quite concerned.

"I was off for a few days. I came back and they said 'Did Ms. Machado fire you?" He laughs. "No, she didn't fire me, she just gave me a few days off."

The kids can rest assured, Machado says as long as Pop Pop is able, he'll always have a place at Arundel.

"Its great to have him be a role model and a positive influence in my school community," said Machado.

And the students at Arundel will always have a place in Johnson's heart.