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Former Anne Arundel County Police Chief reflects on career

Posted at 4:31 PM, Aug 03, 2020

Anne Arundel County has a new police chief now because former chief Tim Altomare has retired.

An award filled career and a police force in national standing is what Altomare leaves behind

Former Chief Altomare says he enjoyed his time working with County Executive Stewart Pittman, Pittman even asked the Chief to stay on but could not reverse his decision. Altomare is sympathetic to the pressure on a county executive….

"He’s getting a lot of pressure from people who I can’t support and don’t think are healthy and they seem to be the only ones to be talking to him lately," he said.

Altomare says he’s hoping for less civil discourse and more common sense. He is troubled by what is happening nationally with the police.

"You have police chiefs writing to citizens/business owners letters saying, 'You’re on your own, we can’t help you'. That is an abrogation of their oath and I can’t even get halfway to that in my head and be OK with it."

Altomare believes that the very large majority must step up with their ideals and input.

"So it does take courage but they got to start doing it and if not, I think we’re heading to a very bad place," he explained.

As the former chief wraps up his duty here…what’s next?

"I always loved seeing that 'light bulb' go off over their head when I’m teaching a course," he said.

With nearly 3 decades of experience that light can burn bright for many years with the knowledge Altomare can share.