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Boat owners continue to reel in wins

Posted at 5:24 PM, Aug 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-26 17:27:32-04

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. — There's the moment Aaron Jezierski and his crew knew they had a monster on the line.

Any angler dreams of being on top of a world class tournament. Dreams do come true, but three times in a row?

In the last three weeks Jezierski and his boat, 'Haulin N Ballin' out of Ocean City, have won the last three tournaments in a row.

Let's put these astronomical achievements into perspective.

Three weeks ago in the White Marlin Open, he won first place with a million dollar prize blue marlin. Two weeks ago in the Poor Girls tournament, a state record 74.5 lb Mahi, the 7th biggest in the world and last week in the Mid Atlantic Tournament, a first place 630 lb. Blue Marlin that came with a nearly $600,000 check.

That's 3 weeks with just under 2 million in prize money, a state and world record and if that's not enough, Jezierski beat fellow competitor Michael Jordan.

"The best part of that was being able to hook up a white marlin right next to Michael Jordan and let him watch us for one time," said Jezierski.

That's about as much bragging as you'll get out of Jezierski. He is the first one to admit it takes a whole family to pull this off.

It hasn't been verified, but anyone in the world participating in these tournaments hasn't heard of this kind of success in three straight weeks.

Although the money is great, Jezierski has kept things in perspective.

As anyone will tell you, there are some side bets going on in these tournaments. Aaron made a bet with his crew at the beginning of the season, fulling believing it wouldn't come true.

"If we win any of these tournaments this year over six figures, you can shave my head," Jezierski said before removing his hat and showing his million dollar hair cut.

Jezierski and his crew are in the 59th annual Labor Day White Marling Tournament this weekend.