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Anne Arundel County Police Chief Tim Altomare on two officers shot, policing in 2020

Posted at 2:47 PM, Feb 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-08 15:03:28-05

ANNE ARUNDEL — WMAR-2 News' Don Harrison sat with Anne Arundel County Police Chief Tim Altomare to speak about the two detectives shot earlier this week. Both are still in shock trauma with severe gun shot wounds.

Every available man and woman with a badge worked around the clock to catch the suspect.

"There was no giving up, we weren't giving up. Those cops were not giving up until that guy was in hand cuffs." said Chief Tim Altomare.

That is exactly what happened. Two SWAT teams breached two locations at the same time. Police found drugs, money and arrested four people including the man responsible for the shootings.

"So think about the work that goes involved in that, right. The homicide investigation can't stop because I have two cops shot. Another 40 cops involved in the process. The man hunts starts after the shooting. Every police officer in this agency worked on this in the last 36 hours. You have all that stuff going on then you have the planning for keeping police work going out there in the rest of the county as you've eaten up a 100 cops." expressed Chief Altomare.

Chief Altomare said of anyone thinking about commiting violent crimes in the county, "We're coming if you hurt somebody in our county. Anne Arundel county police are going to relentlessly pursue you until we get you."