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7th Annual Annapolis Film Festival kicks off

Posted at 7:49 PM, Mar 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-20 07:49:57-04

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — It’s that time of year in our capital city, the 7th Annual Annapolis Film Festival.

The event is in town from March 21 to March 24 and organizers are gearing up for its annual debut.

"It's been crazy, I mean there's a lot to do, there's been a lot of prep, planning, and execution," said Lee Anderson.

Lee Anderson along with Patti White know all to well how much work is involved. They are the co-founders of the Annapolis Film Festival.

"Patti and I are film makers and we thought it would be great to bring a film festival to Annapolis to enhance the cultural fabric of our community," said Anderson.

And that impact has grown each year. This year it goes from opening night red carpet on Thursday through Sunday. There will be more than 70 films in all shaped and sizes and any subject you can imagine.

"All the way from fans to very serious cinefiles for people who are really well schooled to people who don't really know anything and just enjoy a film," said Anderson.

To all casual movie fans, the festival will have many panel discussions and will give viewers a chance to learn a little about how movie making works.

"I think it adds something to the experience when you watch somebody's work and whether you ask the question or not someone else in the audience may ask a question that you were wondering about too and you hear the answer from either the film maker, director, producer, actor or somebody associated with the film," said Anderson.

Four locations, five screens, parties and showcases all throughout Annapolis all lends to a great festival experience. The Annapolis Film festival may not be as recognizable as the Cann Film festival and others, but it’s making it’s mark on the industry with the excellence in film selection.

"They’re very new, they're coming very new, they're off of Sundance or South by Southwest or Toronto or one of the big film festival and they're just evolving," said Patti White.

Seasoned film experts are expected to love the event and those that just love going to the movies will be happy as well.

"And then there’s just pure entertainment. You go to a movie because you want to laugh, you want to cry, you want to feel something. You know, it’s just getting all your emotions to tingle," said White.

If you're looking to have your emotions tingle, then Annapolis is the place for you this week. Click here for more information on the film festival.