Kamenetz campaign donates $1.3 million to local charities

Posted at 3:44 PM, Jun 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-14 17:26:58-04

The remaining funds of the late Kevin Kamenetz’s campaign were donated to four Baltimore-area charities.

The Baltimore County Executive  died of a heart attack on May 10

After outstanding campaign debts were paid, the remaining $1.3 million was donated to four organizations, said campaign Finance Chair Charles Klein at a press conference Thursday afternoon.

“While this is not the outcome any of us imagined, it is our hope the donations will make a tangible difference for countless lives across the Baltimore Region,” Klein said.

“Kevin never enjoyed asking, but people knew what Kevin stood for and supported his vision and drive to make the Baltimore region and our entire state a great place to live,” said Jill Kamenetz, Kevin’s wife. “We will continue to grieve the loss of Kevin but are confident and hopeful these donations will build upon his legacy and provide support to organizations that Kevin thought so highly of and worked so hard to promote. I’m sure he’s looking down right now smiling and very proud.”

The majority of the funds, $915,000, went to the Central Scholarship to support new college scholarships for Baltimore County Public School students. 

“So much of Kevin’s work was about improving educational opportunities,” said Jan Wagner, the President of Central Scholarship, a group that helps provide scholarships and interest free loans for career training and college education. “Today we are honored to share in his love of education. Like Kevin, we believe in the transformative power of education and that it opens doors to a brighter future. Kevin, this stands as a legacy to your work. Thank you for a life well lived.”

A cardiac care program at Northwest Hospital will be established with a $250,000 donation from the campaign. Executive Vice President of LifeBridge Health, Brian White, spoke warmly of meeting Kamenetz and building a friendship with him, impressed by the vigor and energy with which he tackled issues. White said the new facility and this program will be a physical testament to his life.

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore received $100,000. Dian Hutchins, the Vice President of Government Affairs at the Maryland Zoo, said Kamenetz was “an ardent support of the zoo, making sure that Baltimore County residents were able to enjoy the facility.”

The final $100,000 went to the Hippodrome Foundation, supporting their arts programs in the city. 

“The County Executive recognized that helping people get access to the arts made a big difference in the lives of people of this region,” said Olive Waxter, the Director of the Hippodrome Foundation. “And not only that, in the times of need in Baltimore City, the County Executive encouraged Baltimore County citizens and everyone else to come down to Baltimore City and enjoy the cultural opportunities that exist down there, and all of us were so grateful.”