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TODAY: Presidential Primary Election in Maryland

Posted at 4:33 PM, Jun 01, 2020

BALTIMORE (WMAR) — Today, Tuesday, is Maryland’s Presidential Primary election and because of the coronavirus, there are several big changes.

Thousands of voters have found convenience and safety in mailing in their ballots.

All registered voters should have gotten a ballot in the mail. If not, limited in-person voting is available on election day and there are several new protocols in place to limit the spread of COVID-19.

VOTING LOCATIONS: Board of Elections adds in-person voting, ballot drop off locations in Baltimore

In Baltimore City, all voters must wear a mask. The sites will have extras if needed.

"The lines will have 6-foot distance markers to stay 6 feet away from each other. As they come in, the voters will be cleaning their hands. Each piece of equipment will be cleaned after each voter has used it," said Baltimore City Election Director Armstead Jones.

COVID-19 and now peaceful protests further changing Baltimore City Board of Elections protocols.

Because the protests are right near their headquarters near City Hall, all ballots are being moved to a secure location and the drop-off box at the Benton Office Building has been closed down until tomorrow morning.

"Just wanted to err on the side of safety," said Jones.

Jones said they have counted at least 75,000 mail-in ballots so far and depending on in-person turn out Tuesday, there may not be a clear winner for a few day. All mailed-in ballots have to be quarantined before they can be counted and drop-off box locations are open through 8 p.m. on election day.

If you’re mailing in your ballot, don’t forget to sign the oath on the back of the envelop. They need to postmarked by June 2.