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'You're playing with your life' Witness describes last night's fatal dirt bike crash

'You're playing with your life' Witness describes last night's fatal dirt bike crash
Posted at 4:26 PM, Oct 22, 2021

BALTIMORE — Baltimore Police continue to investigate a deadly crash that claimed the life of a dirt bike rider in West Baltimore Thursday.

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"I saw it," said Francesca. "I saw the fire truck as it was coming down the street. What police didn't know was that there was actually two dirt bike riders in the area ahead of the crash."

According to police, it happened around 7:40 near the intersection of Payson and West Pratt Street. Fire officials say the firetruck was headed to a fire on Hineline Road in Southwest Baltimore when the two collided.

"It's sad to say," said Francesca, "But it was the perfect crash. He was dragged. We're just hoping he didn't suffer."

The fire engine stopped on scene. The rider was died on scene.

While still under investigation, witnesses say both riders ran the red light.

"You heard one of them rev the engine," a witness said. "This is the recklessness that you’ve done. I really hope Baltimore City wakes up and understands when you’re playing in the streets with vehicles you’re playing with your life."

On Friday, Mayor Brandon Scott called the incident a tragedy.

"First and foremost, we just feel so sorry for that young person and their family.," he said.

When asked what is being done to curtail dirt bike riding, the mayor toted more education and community initiatives.

"I’ve been working with some partners and organizations like B360 to try to shave and reshape their culture in Baltimore which is here to stay," said Scott. "It’s about trying to help them engage in a more positive way and we’re going to continue to do that."

"My thoughts are also with the firefighter driving that truck," said Francesca. "He didn't do anything wrong."

We're told people in the community removed the dirt bike from the scene ahead of the official investigation.

Police are currently reviewing area surveillance video from neighboring businesses along with possible city camera video.