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Young bald eagle shot and killed on Eastern Shore

Posted at 5:43 PM, Nov 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-13 17:43:40-05

When we think of our nations symbol, we think of those impressive bald eagles with that brilliant white tail and crown.

It takes them 4 to 5 years to get that look.

On the Eastern Shore, one didn't get the chance.

It was found shot and killed

"Every eagle that we can save is so precious because at one point in time they were almost extinct."

The bald eagle is off he endangered list, but it's not out of harm's way. About a week ago, McDonald was called to save a juvenile bald eagle found on the ground on the Eastern Shore. A home owner found the eagle on his property and kept an eye on it.

Thinking it may have just been slightly injured, they left it alone and even feed it some fish. After almost a week, they called for help and found out the eagle had actually been shot. It later succumb to that injury.

Juvenile bald eagles don't get their classic white head and tail until about 4 years old so the one theory is it could have been mistaken for a vulture perhaps, that still would not excuse the shooting.

"Vultures also are federal protected and they also should not be harassed, disturbed, injured or shot."

Bald Eagles are in Maryland year round. The farm fields, open spaces and tall trees make it for a great home.

Most of us love to see these majestic bald eagles flying in our area and there are things all of us can do to secure their survival.

"People put our rat Poisson for example and small fury creatures eat that, they lay on the ground, they die and then a bald eagle comes by and scarfs up that rat, eats it and then becomes ill from the rodenticide."

A mechanical trap without poison would be better. Be mindful of your old fishing line. The eagles get tangled in them that can lead to death. Of course there's the oldest trick in the book to get rid of rodents.

"If you have a cat that you can let indoors and out, cats are great at rodent control."