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Weekend shootings in Fells Point weakening safe appeal

Posted at 6:50 PM, Jun 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-07 18:50:24-04

BALTIMORE — Fells Point for some is a guaranteed safe and good time like for Andre Neal and Erin Johnson.

"I've been a resident here for 3 years now and like the idea that there was a shooting in such a family oriented environment, that's just crazy to me," said Johnson.

"All I've seen is families. You know, like people having a good time just dancing and everything. I even got it on video. This is crazy, it's a dope vibe," Neal continued.

They were surprised by the pair of shootings over the weekend that left 3 men injured just blocks away but for a local business owner we talked with, not so much..

"The crowd coming up in this area is getting really rough especially after night time," the business owner told WMAR.

He says just 3 weeks ago there was a big fight at the square in fells point involving several people just feet away from his shop.

That's when he decided he'd shut down his business early every night to ensure he and his employees can avoid any safety issues.

So the growing concern surrounding crime in the area, just depends on who you ask.

"People here gravitate to this area for a specific reason because it is love out here and whatever happened it felt like a 1 off cause I've never had any kind of experience out here," Johnson shared.

"Who would want to mess that up," asked Neal.

After talks with city leaders after the incident 3 weeks ago, the shop owner hoped there would be significant changes made by police; but, he says that never happened.

In fact, he thinks comfort and safety in the area is slipping away.

"Its not fells point anymore. Its been changing," the business owner expressed.