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Weekend in Baltimore city full of gun violence

Posted at 1:02 AM, Jun 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-27 01:02:25-04

BALTIMORE — It was violent weekend in Baltimore city that left 18 people victims of gun violence.

Bullets scattered all over in Baltimore killing one person Saturday on the 800 block of S. Hanover Street. But it didnt stop there, a 41 year old man was shot in the 700 block of N. Port Street. Soon after police discovered a second shooting victim in the 2400 block of East Monument Street.

Early Sunday morning police found a 21-year-old man shot multiple times in the 1900 block of Grinnalds Avenue, and just a few hours later a 23 year old woman was shot on the 2500 block of Liberty Heights Avenue.

Sunday evening in the 5200 block of Frankford Avenue one male was declared dead on the scene of a triple shooting, while the other male and female victims were transported to local hospitals. The female's injuries are not life-threatening, but other male victim is in severe condition.

Some people believe if there was more community outreach Baltimore would be a better place.

Baltimore resident Fernell Boyd says, "We should talk to each other more. Figure out where our mental health is because a lof of people are just pushing their insecurities on others and a lof of men just have pride and pride can turn into murder."

"The violence will not stop itself overnight. That's something we know. If we put the right steps in and the right people this will be a better city for all of us," says Baltimore resident Cortly Witherspoon.