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'We don't need more housing': Baltimore County residents concerned about new apartment building

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Posted at 10:00 PM, Nov 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-29 23:25:12-05

BALTIMORE COUNTY — On Tuesday night, residents in Baltimore County gathered to discuss a proposal for a 516 unit apartment to be built next to the White Marsh Mall.

During the meeting, multiple people expressed how unhappy they are with this project. Their biggest concern is traffic and school crowding.

This building will not touch the mall, but it will be adjacent to the old Sears site. The four-story building will feature about 485 units that consists of studios and bedrooms.

This project could possibly bring in about 1,600 more people to the area.

"Some of our concerns are the traffic. If you try to get on Honeygo Boulevard after 4:00, you have to wait half an hour to go five blocks. If you have somebody going into high school, they have to go to a school that's 110% overcrowded," said Peggy Winchester, President South Perry Hall Blvd Improvement Association.

People were upset about the lack of notice neighbors received about this project. Many say they had no knowledge of this proposal. They worry an influx amount of people coming will not only cause traffic problems, but classroom and hospital overcrowding.

"I don't remember any correspondence about it prior to hearing about it last week. I'm concerned about density, I'm concerned about traffic, and I don't remember there being very much additional infrastructure and there's been quite a lot of building over the last five years," said Carla Nealy, Nottingham resident.

"These plans have been going on and we knew nothing about it in the area. We need more streets, we need more hospitals, we need more schools, but we don't need more housing," one resident said in the crowd.

However, with all the concern Tuesday night, the property managers say residents will receive the opportunity to have more of a say before everything is finalized.

The developer has one year to submit final plans and all information of timelines and meetings should be distributed by Baltimore County.