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'We care about your children': Baltimore County Schools hold virtual town hall to address safety concerns

Posted at 11:01 PM, Dec 13, 2021

TOWSON, Md. — Parents, students and even teachers are growing more worried about what seems to be an uptick in violence in Baltimore County Schools.

On Monday, district leaders held a virtual town hall to answer their questions and to address their concerns.

The first question a parent asked during Monday’s town hall was about the violence happening in Baltimore County Schools this year.

“What can your team do to ensure the safety of BCPS students,” the parent asked.

Dr. Kelly Safran who is a school safety manager at the district said, “we have to work with students to resolve conflicts before they escalate and hold students accountable for their behaviors.”

The issue of school violence has been one of the top concerns for parents in the county.

The focus of their questions, which were read by the district during the meeting, was how school leaders plan to keep their kids safe.

“We ensure that all schools have an updated emergency safety plan,” Dr. Safran said. “This safety plan provides a road map to how to respond to emergency situations.”

The town hall comes after several concerning incidents involving students at Baltimore County Schools.

Some parents even protested the issue in early October after fights at Dundalk Middle and High School.

School officials said violent and disruptive students will always be held accountable, which could include criminal charges if necessary.

“Just because we can’t share a consequence doesn't mean a consequence hasn’t been given,” said Jennifer Mullenax with BCPS.

School leaders also said the district is reviewing how it can better support schools as well as talking with districts out of state for ideas to improve safety.

“We care about your children we want what’s best for them and we do everything that is humanly possibly in our power to keep your kids safe.”

The town hall was the first of three the district will hold this week.

The next one is on Wednesday.