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Video leads to teen suspect in DoorDash murder

16-year-old charged in murder during attempted robbery
Posted at 6:17 PM, Feb 24, 2022

BALTIMORE — A 16-year-old surrenders to police almost a month after allegedly gunning down DoorDash driver Cheryl McCormack in a robbery gone wrong.

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“I know so many people who do DoorDash and you think it’s an easy way to make a few dollars,” said Emily Dobash, one of McCormack’s friends. “And you never really think about that thing being a possibility. It’s terrifying.”

Court records suggest McCormack and her fiance were attempting to make a late night food delivery on January 24th when their car ran out of gas.

As he was walking towards Belair Road to get fuel, police believe two men tried to rob him.

They followed him back to the car to get his cell phone and demanded McCormack’s phone as well.

When she refused, one of them shot her in the head.

According to charging documents, surveillance camera footage from this Exxon gas station on Belair Road played a key role in identifying one of the suspects.”

Video of the two males unsuccessfully attempting to purchase tobacco at the Exxon the morning of the shooting matched those seen on doorbell footage at the scene of the murder a few blocks away.

Police identified the 16-year-old alleged triggerman seen wearing a fur-trimmed coat and distinctive black and white Air Jordan tennis shoes and questioned him.

A few days later, they obtained a warrant for his arrest and he turned himself in.