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Veterans, youth waterfowl hunt on Eastern Shore

Posted at 5:22 PM, Feb 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-02 17:22:06-05

EASTERN SHORE, Md. — A crisp Eastern Shore morning greets the sunrise on this last regular waterfowl hunting day of the year.

This is a scene that has been repeated for hundreds of years on Maryland's eastern shore. This stretch of the Atlantic flyway has some of the best waterfowl hunting in the world, but it's not just the hunting that creates memories.

There is one more chance to hunt geese. Saturday, February, 6 is Youth Hunting Day.

This year Maryland's natural resources has added a veterans hunt to this as well. So now, not only can those 16 and under enjoy this beauty, active members of the armed forces, including active National Guard and Reserves may go hunting as well. Philip Clark is a veteran and has helped with excursions for veterans before.

"I have friends that are missing limbs and it's a life altering thing. I mean, you're never right after that. So to see the happiness it brings to guys like that. It's just an experience I'll never forget," Clark said.

For the youth hunters, it's a chance to learn about hunting and how to be good stewards of nature.

Waterfowl hunting is more than just harvesting food for the family here on the shore, it's also about showing an appreciation and understanding of nature and everything it has to offer here in the Chesapeake region.

"Just being outside and being in the air and not being cooped up in the house and seeing nature and seeing the sunrise and the sunsets. Things you wouldn't see in the house. I think it bodes well for anyone to do it, boys or girls. Yesterday we had two girls out here."

For the experienced hunters, it's not just the sight of the sunrises that brings joy to their heart it's the reaction of the kids.

"Just the smile from ear to ear and most of the time they're hooked for life at that point,"

Hooked on this beauty right in our own backyard.