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Two locations added to the list of ATM theft attempts

Posted at 5:20 PM, Nov 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-03 08:40:41-04

BALTIMORE — Baltimore City and County Police are investigating another pair of attempted ATM thefts early Tuesday morning.

In recent months, we’ve seen them in Hampden, Fells Point and Cockeysville in Baltimore County.

Tuesday’s early morning attempts land two more locations on the list.

The first was at the SECU Federal Credit Union in Baltimore County on LaSalle Road. The other at the MECU Federal Credit Union on Northern Parkway in Baltimore City.

There, both lanes leading to the ATM’s were closed off while the ATM itself was wrapped up and badly damaged.

“I think its ridiculous. It's senseless, terrible,” said one resident nearby.

It's believed multiple were apart of the attempted where thieves were seen apparently attaching chains to the ATM before a failed attempt to steal it.

Residents hopeful to see a beefed up police presence since Tuesday morning’s incident.

In the meantime, they make this plea to those behind it.

“Think before you do. Don't do before you think. People don’t really think before you know they do something at least do you think about the consequence?” asked a bank customer.

Anyone with information regarding any of the ATM thefts in recent months are asked to contact police.