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Truck driver shares his alternate path to a good career

Posted at 7:08 PM, Jun 25, 2021

BALTIMORE — A local trucker is sharing his knowledge with Baltimore's youth, hoping his experiences can help improve their lives.

Day in and day out, it’s the same thing for Shawn Warren.

He hops in his truck and starts his delivery route through Baltimore city; but, if you were to ask him 20 years ago if this would be his daily routine, he probably wouldn’t have an answer for you.

“I was working at a printing company and this just happened by chance," Warren shared.

He tells us before getting into the trucking industry, he’d just gotten a new place and settled down when he was suddenly fired.

The fast money in the streets plagued with crime and uncertainly that many of youth willingly choose today wasn’t the path he chose to take.

His friend who was also fired shared his next step forward.

“William said I’m going to truck driving school so I said I’m going with you," Warren said.

He finished up his courses, got certified and the rest was history.

Warren tells us found more purpose in what he does everyday than he’d ever imagined delivering food to non profits, that eventually get into the hands of the homeless and others suffering from food insecurity.

Warren hopes Baltimore’s youth, see early-on the opportunities in the trucking industry that are already well within their reach

“The trucking industry is hiring. You can go to school and you can make something of yourself," said Warren.

“If you give yourself an opportunity, the sky is the limit. You just gotta set a goal," he added.

We see the costly results of split second decisions.

Warren wants Baltimore’s youth to make the decision that leads to rewards, rather than risks...where they too can find their purpose along the way.

“And then I look forward to getting up every morning and doing it all over again because I know what I’m doing has a great cause to it," he said.

For anyone interested in getting started you can click here or here.