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Town hall meeting on violence to be held in Annapolis Tuesday evening

Posted at 5:11 PM, Oct 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-20 17:11:37-04

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — A late night shooting over the weekend in Annapolis has community and city leaders calling for a town hall meeting in Annapolis.

Annapolis Ward 2 representative, Alderman Fred Paone, will host a meeting Tuesday night at 7 at the First Baptist Church on West Washington Street.

Four people were shot, inside a home off of Clay Street. Two of the victims were juveniles, the other two were adult men.

Police would not go into details because this is an ongoing investigation, but one of them, Shawn McGowan who died seemed to be a target in this shooting.

"One of them was shot several times, it was done with intent and purpose and it appeared it really didn’t care and had just zero value for humane life."

Annapolis detectives are continuing the investigation. It looks like there was plenty of video evidence from security cameras on the scene, some personal door bell cameras and city installed cameras.

Annapolis Police Chief Edward Jackson was so moved by this type of violence on his watch, he hastily left his son’s birthday party to talk to reporters and concerned community members. Chief Jackson is no stranger to violence, he spent many years working his way up the latter in the Baltimore City police department.

"He was visibly upset that violence like this, senseless acts of violence where men and women are being killed and shot at on the streets and there are people living in these neighborhoods who are truly good people that can’t walk outside without fear of being shot," said Corporal Stokes.

Stokes says these types of crimes might be a fall out from so many people out of work or no place to go.

"Some of the younger generation, that’s how they are utilizing their time just parting and hanging out and maybe turning to trade and things like this happen," he said.

This latest homicide makes it the sixth homicide in 2020 in Annapolis. That’s two more than all of 2019.