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Tips on saving money at the pump as gas prices skyrocket

Posted at 6:14 PM, Mar 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-09 06:44:38-05

BALTIMORE — As gas prices continue to increase so do peoples concerns about when the prices will start to take a downward trend.

Higher gas prices is something that drivers across the nation are experiencing and chances are that uptick in prices isn’t stopping anytime soon.

With an increase in prices at the pump the average cost for a tank a regular gas is now more than $4.00 a gallon. One year ago today that same regular gallon was around $2.80.

The upward trend is something Matt Muehe said is concerning.

“Nobody wants to pay more I don’t want to pay more it’s really though,” Muehe said.

Mark Busse and his wife Michelle are farmers from western Minnesota who said they watched their tank guzzle more gas compared to their last trip to Baltimore.

“They’re getting terrible and I believe they’re going to get much worse, everybody’s in for a pretty nasty ride,” Mark said.

His wife agrees, she said compared to last year this time they’ve paid almost double in fuel prices for their trip. Now their family like many others are looking for ways to cut back in any way they can to cut costs.

“We’ve been to Baltimore eight times in the last year we always drive. We farm the gas prices for us are just a reality. You know cars are one thing but when you start factoring in semi’s and tractors, things get real quick. Everybody’s getting creative right in these times. I guess maybe everybody can carpool little bit more with their neighbors you know to go to the grocery store and things like that,” Michelle said.

In addition to traveling less and carpooling more a few other ways to save money on gas could be to:

  • Join a membership that offers gas savings like Sam’s club and Costco.
  • Limiting your speed and the weight amount in your vehicle.

The faster you drive and the more weight you pull it burns fuel faster.

“I’m trying to drive a little bit less than I normally would you know if I can stay home I will. When I drive I don’t drive as hard accelerate a little bit slower," Muehe said.

Next people should consider developing another source of income because according to executive director for consumer federation of America Jack Gillis, he said Americans will be paying stratospheric prices at the pump for the foreseeable future.

Michelle said although gas prices seem to be hurting the wallets of many it could be helping others in various ways.

“In the realm of things you know at least we’re not locked down we’re out in the public Spring is coming. As we’re all saying what can we do for Ukraine and what can we do to maybe stop a Third World war the answer might be all of us paying 20 or $.30 more for a gallon of gas,” Michelle said.