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'This time will be different': Baltimore leaders hold group violence reduction strategy amid shooting surge

Posted at 5:53 PM, Sep 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-20 18:18:58-04

BALTIMORE — What the stats say about Baltimore’s deadly streak of violence is telling.

Since Monday, the city reported more than 30 shootings in just over a week, leaving leaders scrambling for answers.

“As a city we know throughout my life we have failed to keep our communities sage and keep people alive,” said Mayor Brandon Scott.

“To say its been a tumultuous time in Baltimore is an understatement,” said State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

Baltimore leaders face that persistent reality promising citizens they’ll change it.

In the last joint effort involving Mayor Scott, Commissioner Harrison and State's Attorney Mosby, the mayor unveiled the city's crime prevention plan. This was on July 23rd.

The plan took aim at reducing homicides by 250 percent over a 6 year period.

Since then, Baltimore recorded 13 days where there have been 4 or more separate shootings in a single day. The most recent surge was on Sunday when police reported 6 separate shootings that day.

Leaders held the meeting with violence interrupters to educate them on their gun violence reduction strategy basics and deployment strategies, to build awareness about the work that’s been done and to clearly outline the role for core strategy partners going forward. Ahead of the start of the meeting, leaders made bold promises.

“This time can be different. This time must be different. This time will be different,” said Mosby.

We are now working to cure a disease rather than our historical approach of treating symptoms,” said Baltimore Police Commissioner Harrison. “At a fundamental level this strategy which is data driven presents an opportunity for BPD to acknowledge past harm and commit to a better laser-focused, more just more equitable and effective way of policing.”

The specifics addressed in the meeting will be posted as the Mayor's office makes that information available.

Staffers agreed to share a report of the meeting's highlights by close of business on Monday.