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'There's already sleepless nights': Owner of food truck says rising gas prices are impacting business

Owner of food truck business says rising gas prices are impacting business
Posted at 9:39 PM, Mar 08, 2022

BALTIMORE — The increase in food cost and now rising gas prices are having an impact on small businesses.

“We can’t catch a break," said Rosa-Gargano-Hagan. "There's already sleepless nights. A lot of them."

Gargano who owns two food truck businesses called Pasta La Vista Baby and Wanna Pizza this, said her business is already taking a hit.

“As of right now, my gas price just to fuel my truck to operate is going to probably cost me an additional $500 every two weeks,” she said.

Gargano said that’s only one of her concerns. She also said food cost, which was already on the rise, is expected to get even more expensive.

“It’s gone up 20 percent just in the past two months, and with the food cost and with the fuel going up, we are at a no win situation right now,” Gargano said.

She said she may have no choice but to raise her prices.

“There’s not many more ways we can get creative on prices without putting us out of business,” Gargano said.

For her, this is deja vu all over again because she didn’t know if her business would survive the pandemic.

Now, she is once again facing an uncertain future.

“We need to just try to keep moving forward and try to save where we can and that way we can protect ourselves and we can protect the consumer,” she said.