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‘There should be no silence’ Councilman urging citizens to speak up after string of shootings

Posted at 6:50 PM, Sep 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-29 07:42:05-04

BALTIMORE — The emotions are still high in East Baltimore where a man was shot and killed Monday afternoon.

Baltimore police identified the victim as 42 year-old Daevon Lee and now the work begins to find his killer.

“You really get tired of hearing gunshots. You know cause people do that around here nobody wants to get hit by a stray bullet,” said one neighbor recalling the exhaustion he experiences after cycles of shooting sprees.

We’ve heard these fears repeatedly while residents grow weary of what they say is becoming the new neighborhood norm.

This comes after police say someone shot Daevon Lee in the head multiple times killing him on Chapel Street along North Avenue.

“I’m like oh lord they’re out there shooting again because they just shot last week and cleared the block,” he said.

Police say the person responsible is still on the loose while the fear left behind far outlives the act.

BPD officers were out in full force the day after the shooting yet the worry still looms that the violence in the area won’t let up.

Mondays deadly shooting comes on the heels of a shooting over the weekend that left a 14-year-old injured. reinforcing what neighbors call an exhausting pattern, one they can’t seem to escape.

Residents in distress are calling for a different approach asking for more proactive policing—hoping that would deter the violence.

“I guess more ride through a by the police because they don’t hardly come up through there from time to time they’ll put pressure on them but not much,” the resident told WMAR-2 News.

Neighbors are pressing police while politicians are pressing citizens.

District 13 Councilman Antonio Glover tells WMAR it’s time for those witnessing the violence first hand seize the silence.

“Tomorrow or today may very well be your relative when it comes to a homicide when it comes to a shooting when it comes to any type of violence that is caused here in the city of Baltimore. Get out there. Be a voice be anonymous. Share that information,” said the councilman.

That call to action as Metro Crime stoppers offer up to $4,000 if a tip leads to an arrest and charges of individuals involved with the weekend shooting.

The councilman is calling the silence of people who know what’s going on far too expensive while lives are at stake.

“There should be no silence. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth the headache it’s not worth the mom and dad to go down to a hospital and identify their loved one being murdered in the streets of Baltimore. Again we have to be all hands on deck. No one elected official is going to solve the issues that plague Baltimore,” he added.

After Daevon Lee’s murder on Monday the city of Baltimore is nearing 260 homicides for the year well on track to surpass 300 for the 7th year in a row.