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The Maryland Department of General Services donates 1 million diapers and baby supplies to parents in need

Posted at 6:15 PM, May 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-04 19:24:23-04

BALTIMORE — The Maryland Department of General Services aimed to take some stress off parents by donating tons of diapers and baby products.

Christopher Dipnarine, Executive Director for nonprofit "4 My City," said he helped get those diapers to the families in the Baltimore community who need it.

“We see this across the state of Maryland right now. I mean families are struggling," Dipnarine said. "We had about 60 organizations today that came through here today to pick up the supplies for babies."

With inflation of everyday necessities going up, nonprofits like "4 My City" are glad to be the bridge that’s helping people gain access to valuable household products for free.

On Wednesday, organizers said thanks to the Maryland Department of General Services who donated what’s considered federal surplus property. In this case, it was around 1 million diapers and baby supplies.

Stephanie Walker, from 2nd Chances Outreach Ministries, was one of the organizations on the recipient end helping to get the products to those families.

“They need everything, everything right now is a blessings. It's a help. The communities they are struggling and the children are affected,” Walker said.

She said being able to help those in need hits home for her because she too was once in their shoes.

“I can remember having my first child and I was struggling and I remember people didn’t give me nice stuff. I always vowed that I would come back and give and I will give good stuff,” Walker said.

Each box given contained more than 100 diapers or pull ups originally retailed at more than $100.

Dipnarine said "4 My City" houses the products, and even though they focus on environmental sustainability and mainly distribute food, they were happy to help the community in another area that’s desperately needed.

“The families right now are struggling and to be able to give them this type of support for like newborns and toddlers and kids this is amazing help,” Dipnarine said.