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Students weigh in on looming changes as Delta Variant cases surge

Posted at 6:14 PM, Aug 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-06 06:41:21-04

BALTIMORE — We’ve reached the midpoint of summer where parents’ focus shifts to sending children back to school.

With rising cases of the delta variant altering plans almost everyday a group of students are sharing their perspective about how the upcoming school year is shaping up.

After last year It’s gotta be stressful as a student not knowing what type of school year you’re heading to which is why a day at the pool seems appropriate for students

That’s exactly how students enrolled at Boys and Girls Club - On The conjunction with the door, enjoyed their day.

“You can jump into the pool and swim and be cool off from the hot soon,” shared Izik Martin, a student.

But soon Izik and his classmates will be be back in class returning to the normal routine except this year, like last year is shaping up to be anything but normal.

”It wasn’t that fun because it wasn’t a lot of people there and we couldn’t do a lot of stuff we had to always take the corona thing,” Kaycen Roberts said.

Students tell me they’re hoping they can spend this year with their classmates in a classroom setting instead of being hooked to a computer screen for virtual classes

”It’s not my feeling I wanted to go in like the building. What do you like it about it most? It’s just what I’m used to doing just going to the building learning, doing real activities,” Isaiah Washington explained.

With mask mandates, mixed emotions regarding vaccines and changes to CDC recommendations every day, students say they don’t know what to predict within the next few weeks

Some of the students are 12 and older so they’re eligible for the vaccine but their parents are split on them getting it.

”I got the vaccine I got it like some months ago like after it came out I guess like 3 months later I got it,” Alexander Martin said.

But school districts could have some challenges as other parents are still deciding.

“They’re thinking about doing it but yeah they’re thinking about doing my oldest 2 first and then me and my younger sister,” a student shared.

Students know In less than a month classes begin for Baltimore City Public Schools so they’re just focusing on the fun until they get their head in the books

The students are a members of the Boys and Girls Club through ‘The Door’ a Baltimore-based non profit organization.

Through a partnership with John’s Hopkins Office of Government and Community Affairs, the organization is launching an after school program set to begin in September.