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Some Marylanders are divided on the CDC’s new guidance on masks

Posted at 10:15 PM, Apr 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-28 07:26:06-04

BALTIMORE — Some Marylanders are divided on the CDC’s new guidance on mask wearing, which allows many Americans to go mask less for some outdoor activities.

If you’re fully vaccinated and not around a crowd of strangers, the CDC says you do not have to wear a mask for some activities outdoors.

This is a part of the agency’s updated guidance on mask wearing, which also says, if you received both shots you don’t have to wear a mask at small outdoor gatherings or dining out with friends from multiple households.

The CDC also says if you aren’t fully vaccinated, you will still need to wear a mask at such gatherings unless you’re around people you know.

“I applaud this,” said Dr. Gabe Kelen who is the director of the department of emergency medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

The agency says the data suggests the risk of getting the virus indoors is greater than outdoors.

Dr. Kelen said the updated guidance is well thought out and falls in line with what many people were already doing.

“When you asses risks, the chance of being hit jay walking across the street outdoors or being hit by a truck, those kinds of things are very very low risk but we take them so this now falls into that type of risk,” he said.

The CDC also says vaccinated or not you’ll still have to wear a mask indoors and at large outdoor gatherings like sporting events.

Rachel Merritt, who is fully vaccinated, says she agrees with the CDC’s new guidance.

“I feel like we’re going back to somewhat normal so I am all for no masks if you’re fully vaccinated,” she said.

Merritt’s friend, Gabrielle Herr, is also fully vaccinated and said she hopes it encourages others to get their shots.

“If you get vaccinated what’s the point if you are still having to wear a mask and have to follow these strict guidelines,” she said.

Some areas like Baltimore City are still reviewing the CDC’s new guidance. While Anne Arundel County is doing the same, the county executive announced he’s lifting all gathering restrictions indoor and outdoors.

The state is also reviewing the CDC’s new guidance, while also saying the state’s “outdoor face covering order is still in place.”

But while many agree with the idea of not wearing a mask outdoors, others saying they still aren’t comfortable with the idea.

Jewel Crumbley, who also received both of her shots, says she will still wear her mask to protect others.

“At the end of the day, I feel like if you make other people feel at ease we can all work together to help end the pandemic a little bit faster,” she said.