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Sixth mass vaccination site opens up in Hagerstown

Posted at 5:11 PM, Mar 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-26 06:39:41-04

There's a new vaccination site open in the state, this one in Hagerstown.

This site just opened its doors and there's even more on the way so all of Maryland can get their shot.

"I know the president said he would like to see a return to some sort of normalcy by the fourth of July, but I'd like to see it done by Memorial Day," said Governor Hogan.

A bold statement by Governor Hogan, hopping these mass vaccinations sites will make a difference, and to make that happen we need vaccines.

This new site in Hagerstown is the sixth mass vaccination site in Maryland. The governor plans to have six more sites around the state by the end of April.

There is one constant you'll see at the mass vaccination sites or the community centers or even the small clinics and that's the Maryland National Guard making sure everything run smoothly.

Brigadier General Janeen Brickhead has more than 1,000 citizen soldiers all across the state for vaccinations sites and the Brigadier General says they are ready to tackle any task the governor throws her way.

"Where-ever we are needed, you know, always ready, always there, I think this is a perfect example of that."