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Series of pop-ups returning to minimize youth violence in Baltimore this summer

Marilyn Mosby
Posted at 7:10 PM, May 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-24 19:10:09-04

BALTIMORE  — A series of pop-ups is returning this summer for the youth in our city. According to officials from the states attorney’s office, they said the mission behind the pop-ups, is to minimize the level of violence involving youth in the city.

Daphne Alston, with Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters, shared powerful words aside city leaders alike who are trying hard to get a message to Baltimore’s youth.

“We want you to live we want you to put those guns down And think before you act. A one minute and 30 second act can change your whole life for you, it can change a nation and that’s what we’re seeing right now," Alston said.

It’s why the states attorney’s office announced the return of the annual pop-up series that will kick off Friday June 24, with a stop the violence youth concert from 6 to 9. That pop-up series will continue for 10 weeks every Friday during that same time frame.

States Attorney Marilyn Mosby said the mission is to help provide positive outlets for youth in the city this summer.

“Our young people will have something productive to do during those increases in violent crime. Statistically we know that there’s an increase in juvenile crime between the hours of seven and nine on Friday nights,” Mosby said.

In addition to the concert kick off and performances from local artists, Mosby said with new partnerships this year, young people will get to hear from local influencers who exude black excellence, and also come from disadvantaged communities and situations just like some of the challenged youth.

Local DJ Quick Silva who’s a radio personality, is one of them who has a story to share with the youth.

“It’s not the message it’s the messenger, you can say something, and no one listens they punch you out, but then I say the exact same thing and because it’s me saying it they might listen. I got shot when I was 13, I was paralyzed for nine months on bed rest and still to this day almost 30 years later I keep saying to myself what if I didn’t go outside that day. We all are one decision away from a completely different life,” Silva said.

Leaders hope these events reach the city’s youth in a way that encourages them to make better decisions and ultimately lead more productive lives.

“We’ve lost our sense of community and there are no code of ethics, women, children, elders, pregnant women should be off limits and if they’re not then as the states attorney I’m going to hold you to account. But, by the same token I want to give you every opportunity to change your life and every opportunity to change the trajectory of what’s happening in our city which is an unparalleled level of violence that is completely unacceptable,” Mosby said.

Registration is required to attend the pop-ups this summer, and space is limited.

To learn more on how to register, click here.