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Randallstown NAACP creates Task Force on revitalization of Liberty Road

Redevelopment Liberty road
Posted at 4:04 PM, Jun 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-30 18:25:48-04

BALTIMORE COUNTY — The Liberty Road corridor in Baltimore County has been deteriorating for years. Residents say nowadays they have to drive into another area just to get a decent meal.

Community members say Liberty Road has become a food desert, the corridor lost several grocery stores and business in the area, but the Randallstown NAACP is hoping to change that.

Since 1978, residents were promised a redevelopment of Liberty Road, and for years plans have been passed down from county executive to county executive but no action has taken place. This is why the Randallstown NAACP took matters into their own hands by forming a Liberty Road Task Force on revitalization.

"Enough is enough, we need to really get on board and drive the implementation phase because that's important. I think it's a lot of different people that want to do some things on liberty road, so we're going to try to bring everybody together and make that happen," said Ryan Coleman president of Randallstown NAACP.

Long-time Baltimore County resident Sheila Lewis says it's been an ongoing issue.

"We hope to see some real action. It's about time. Because we've been promised a lot. The lack of food markets needs to end. It is hard for families and the elderly to live in an area that is considered a food desert," said Lewis.

This is why the task force was developed. It’ll consist of elected officials, county government officials, faith leaders and more.

The task force will implement monthly meetings where they hear the needs of residents, discuss funding and redevelopment plans.

The redevelopment would be a three to seven year project, but community members say the wait would be worth it.