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Price Rite closing in SW Baltimore, nearest grocery store a mile away

Posted at 11:30 PM, Nov 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-18 23:32:46-05

BALTIMORE — "It’s no other markets around for them to, uh, to go to," one person said.

"I’m going to miss this market. Anybody know Ms. Jay, they know that I’ve been down here. In 2013, I been here since day two," Jay a shopper, said.

For almost 10 years, this Price Rite market in Southwest Baltimore has been providing fresh food at good prices for people who need it.

"Chicken used to be the cheapest meat in the market, now it’s the expensive meat in the market, just everything is skyrocketing," one person said.

And now with this location near South Carey and West Pratt Street closing, it will not only force people to shop at other stores with higher prices, but for some people the negative impact is much deeper.

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"The market is definitely needed in this community. It’s going to impact a lot of people because your next closest market is less than a mile away, but Price Rite is a reasonable market to shop, you know, you can stretch your dollars here," Jay said.

"The Price Rite closing is devastating to the neighborhoods. At least 90 percent of the customers walk or use public transportation," Kim Lane, Main Street Executive Director, said.

And for people who walk and use public transportation to get there, they will now have to travel even farther to feed their families.

"People are extremely upset. So, you’re talking tens of thousands of people who no longer have an accessible grocery store and especially produce," Lane said.

The Price Rite owners have not publicly stated the reason for their closing and it's unclear what will go in place of the giant retail grocery store.

But within the last 18 months, the shopping center it sits in was purchased by a new owner. Now leaders and shoppers in the community are demanding answers concerning what's next.

"Price Rite is one of the best markets around here. Now they taking Price Rite it's crazy. It's just an inconvenience man," one person said.

"What Pigtown Main Street would advocate is that we would like to see and open and transparent dialogue between The Baltimore Development Corporation and the owners of the shopping center to bring in another grocery store," one person said.