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President Biden speaks to the nation tonight in Baltimore

Posted at 9:02 PM, Oct 21, 2021

BALTIMORE — The President of the United States will speak to the nation from right here in Baltimore in CNN's townhall at Baltimore Center Stage.

Folks were eager to hear from the president and share their concerns as well.

The stage is set in Baltimore as President Biden address the nation’s most pressing issues. Folks around center stage theatre, the hosting venue for Thursday's town hall aren’t hesitating to share the expectations they have ahead of the big night.

"Most of all it’s the COVID situation trying to keep everybody safe. You’ve got those that don’t want to take the vaccine, those that do."

From COVID-19 to surging gun violence across the county, to foreign affairs, there’s no shortage of issues facing the country since President Biden’s inauguration.

While many want to hear about Biden's agenda for the nation, some share they’re more eager to hear about the presidents agenda specific for Baltimore and city’s like it struggling with crime.