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Police charge two suspects tied to Woodbine bank robbery that was caught on video

Couple suspected in similar crimes in the area
Nicholas Cahill-Lane and Ashley Lanham
June 7 Woodbine bank robbery
Posted at 1:41 PM, Jun 16, 2021

WOODBINE, Md. — He had down the look of your stereotypical bank robber when he entered the PNC Bank on Old Frederick Road in Woodbine on June 7th, what with the beanie cap, the sun glasses and the non-distinct coat pulled up, but the array of tattoos in plain sight gave him away.

“We were able to obviously get a pretty good picture of what he looked like,” said Seth Hoffman of the Howard County Police Department, “He had tattoos on his chest, tattoos on his neck and we were able to get a potential getaway car, which was a red sedan leaving the area of the bank.”

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Just four days after the heist, Washington County reported a similar bank robbery, and four days later, what appeared to be the same man hit a bank in Gettysburg.

Once police compared notes, they arrested 31-year-old Nicholas Cahill-Lane and 27-year-old Ashley Lanham.

It turns out the getaway car was registered to Lanham who was Cahill-Lane’s girlfriend, and his recent criminal history included a similar crime.

“He had served previous time for a bank robbery so he was out at the time and obviously he’s back to his old ways, robbing the bank here in Howard County and potentially other ones as well,” said Hoffman.

According to court records, Cahill-Lane had been convicted of a bank robbery in Frederick in 2018 after he used a $50 bill tied to the crime to buy a pack of cigarettes and a six-pack of beer.