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Police investigate nine weekend shootings that left two people dead

Crime Scene
Posted at 11:14 PM, Jul 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-03 23:27:34-04

BALTIMORE — Only three days into July and police are investigating a weekend of violence. Baltimore experienced nine weekend shootings that left two people dead and others in critical condition.

One of the shootings took on the 600 block of Broadway, police reported on Saturday they found a male victim lying on the ground suffering from a gunshot wound. The unidentified male was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Unfortunately this was just one of the many shooting that took place this weekend.

"I don't feel safe anywhere. I mean there's crime everywhere. There are killings all day everyday on the news," said Latesha Lawrence, Baltimore Resident.

The weekend violence began Friday morning when police got reports of hit and run on the 500 block of North Payson street, but instead of finding a hit and run victim, they found a 44-year-old man who'd been shot. Police say he died at an area hospital.

The crime has become an ongoing trend that some people aren't surprised anymore when they hear about it

"Not to say I'm conditioned to it but growing up in Baltimore all my life you get use it. It just makes it unsafe, to walk the streets," said Dexter James Baltimore Resident.

Gun violence is also impacting young people as a 14-year-old was found on the 4000 block of Erdman avenue suffering from a gunshot wound in the left hip. He's expected to survive but residents wonder when the violence will stop.

"I just want a future for my grandson. It’s sad that you can't go anywhere without crime, I think they should put more officers on the street, and crack down on drugs," said Lawrence.

If anyone has information on shootings that took place in Baltimore contact metro crime stoppers at 18667 lockup.

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