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Peace warriors continue fight after violent week

Peace warriors continue fight after violent week
Posted at 9:11 PM, Sep 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-17 23:10:12-04

BALTIMORE — 8 people were shot Thursday night and two of them are dead.

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We’re on pace to lose 300 lives to violence again this year— and people are understandably losing their patience and energy.

People want better results from the police and the mayor, but it goes beyond that.

We all want to see our kids reach their 20s before being put in handcuffs or a coffin.

The mayor and police department have their long-term crime plan— but there are people fighting the violence everyday who answer the call more when the voice of violence gets louder.

Every crime scene has a story.

Something lead to the pain and devastation behind the evidence markers and crying mothers.

“I hear who they were and what they were doing in their life,” said Erricka Bridgeford. “Sometimes I hear about the situation and so I get to understand how misguided people are a lot of the times. Especially when it’s something like a 14 or 15 year old actually committed this kind of crime.”

Erricka Bridgeford with Baltimore Ceasefire is there when a life is lost in the city.

But she’s also working diligently before the violence happens- and she’s calling on you to do the same.

“It is your business when you hear that conflicts are happening,” Bridgeford said. “You do have a better idea about calming somebody down. Talking somebody out of something. It is all of our responsibility to be doing that with one another. “

The We Our Us Movement will be at 1400 East Federal Street at noon Saturday

They are focusing on that area because three teens and a 12 year old were shot while sitting outside on Tuesday.

"When you see shootings of our young people,” said Pastor Antoine Burton. “Our young boys and young girls. 10,12,14,15,16 years old and they are on both sides of the gun. Some behind the trigger are being shot and murdered. It’s extremely important that we remain diligent and consistent in our efforts to change the culture in this city.”

We Our Us has helped connect thousands of people in need with jobs and drug treatment.

They are always calling on all men to join them.

“While we continue to press in our assignment, emotionally man it’s draining,” Burton said. “It’s draining to see so much happening on a day to day basis but that’s another reason why we can’t quit.”